The Crèche Fit Story


My name is Louise and I'm a Personal Trainer and busy mum to my little boy Joshua, born in 2016. Early in my pregnancy, I realised that there were very few opportunities for mums to exercise without the need for expensive childcare. My local leisure centre had recently closed its crèche so using the gym there was pretty much impossible. There were a few baby yoga classes, postnatal Pilates and outdoor ‘mum and buggy’ classes but nothing that offered that little bit more: the feeling of safely working up a sweat in a family-friendly, clean, indoor environment, of giving mums the satisfaction that they’d actually done something, all with their little ones by their side. And, with that, the Crèche Fit concept was born.

In order to make Crèche Fit a reality, I gained my pre- and postnatal certification to allow me to teach pregnant and postnatal mums and searched for locations for classes. Crèche Fit was launched in July 2016 with a two week free trial. 76 mums immediately signed up to take part and the response to the initial classes was overwhelming.  By the time I went on maternity leave, I had had to take on two extra instructors to cope with demand and provide cover for the time I would be away. 

The baby-friendly nature of the classes meant that I was able to return to work very soon after Joshua's birth. As well as being able to run the business from home, I was able to teach 1-2 classes and, of course, I didn't need to pay for childcare to do so. Even now, Joshua comes along to the odd class during half term and holidays and happily joins in with the workouts and keeps the little ones entertained!!

Since the launch, the classes have continued to grow and, at the beginning of 2019, opened up in a second location. Classes in two more new locations are planned for 2020.

What Is Crèche Fit? 


Crèche Fit offers a unique mix of pre- and postnatal fitness classes and programmes all run by Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainers with a passion for helping mummies return to exercise safely and without the worry of childcare.


We offer a completely holistic approach to pre and postnatal wellbeing by way of online programmes, fitness classes and baby-friendly social events (social events currently on hold due to COVID).

Fitness | Food | Friendship

More Than Just A Mum & Baby Exercise Class 


Crèche Fit is more than just a class for mums to exercise with their baby. We offer nutritional support and guidance through our 8 week Feel Great In 8 programme and have a strong community feel. 


We also offer all new mums a Diastasis Recti check to see if there is any separation of the stomach muscles post baby or guide you on how to check this from home.


We also provide home-based core restore and pelvic floor programmes to help new mums reconnect with their core and recover post-birth.

Our mum and baby circuit-style exercise classes run for 45 mins (with an extra 15 mins beforehand to settle your child before class), are suitable for all levels and are run to the latest music incorporating a mix of bodyweight exercises and equipment. We do ask that you have had your 6-8 week check-up with your GP before attending any of our classes  and are 6+ weeks post-birth (or 12+ weeks post c-section).


Our sessions always consider the limitations and hurdles that many mums face - especially new mums in the postnatal period - and focus on core strengthening, post baby fat loss, body toning & conditioning and general fitness.

We even welcome mums-to-be to our classes! You must  be in your 2nd Trimester (14 weeks +) and have had a healthy pregnancy to date with no complications.