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Hear what some of our lovely Crèche Fit mummies have to say about us.......

Katie & Baby Charlie

"I started going to Crèche Fit when my baby was 4 months, the classes are great. It felt so good to do some exercise again and Baby was happy playing with all the toys. Since being in lockdown crèche fit online classes have been keeping me sane, it helps give you a routine and the instructors are brilliant, with lots of options depending on fitness level. It’s a great community and the workouts are lots of fun. The time goes so quickly and you always feel good after. Would definitely recommend mums to join!"

Tyne & Baby Pia

"So nice to have a different type of class to go to with the baby! The instructors have an excellent program designed to push and help tone and strengthen while also not being to exhausting and full of cardio. If the babies cry or fuss no one bats and eye if you stop and see to them and the instructors have even picked up my baby and continued the class while baby sitting, amazing! We started the class when my baby was 10 weeks old and I’ve carried on every week of my maternity leave."

Esther & Baby Faith

"Creche Fit came at just the right time. I was itching to get back into exercise but didn’t know how I logistically could with a newborn. It is the perfect solution, work out whilst the baby enjoys playing with the toys and some new friends. With their core restore programme I was able to lose weight, inches and body fat was converted to muscle. Most importantly to me though was that my body felt strong again. The only downside is that I discovered the class too late! I would have been there as soon as the doctor had given me the sign off if I had known! The instructors are so knowledgeable and take the time to understand your goals. The classes aren’t too large and so it can feel like you are getting a PT session rather than a class for the masses. I will definitely be back with baby number 2."

Ellie & Baby Owen

"I love this class! It’s an absolute godsend for busy mums who need a bit of self-care.

Before doing this class I was so weak! My back ached and I felt generally unstable from pregnancy and carrying a baby around. I will admit, the first class was tough (ok- and the second, third...) but I’m in my second term now and the back ache has disappeared and I can do exercises that I previously struggled with. I feel energised and able to take on the stresses of motherhood! 👶🏼 Louise, Sonny and Hannah are great. Just give it a try - you won’t regret it!"

Sarah & Baby Ollie

"I signed up to the 'Feel Great in 8' programme which really helped me get back into exercise after giving birth. The handbook and support that came with the programme were fantastic and through a combination of attending the class once a week and cutting out carbs in the evenings, I lost nearly a stone in that 8 weeks. If you're looking for an indoor high intensity workout where you can take your baby with you, then this is the class for you!"

Lara & Baby Zack

"Crèche Fit is a stress free way to get back into or start exercise post baby. So awesome to have my little one comfy on the play mats while I get to do a little something for me. Pace and support is great. Loved the variety of exercise too. Highly recommended!! :)"


"I started attending my local Creche Fit class when my baby was just 10 weeks old. The classes were really friendly and supportive. The sessions were challenging and energetic and felt amazing after months of limited flexibility in latter pregnancy. I was lucky enough to have my sessions taken by Dionne, an absolute superstar of a trainer who made me feel very welcome, adapted the exercises to suit my post baby body and was on hand to look after my little one when his patience wore thin! The sessions were supported with meal plans, regular webinars and a really friendly chat group."


"Crèche fit is amazing! It’s so nice to have a class that you can take your baby to. I did the 8 week challenge with Louise. She was fantastic and so encouraging. I really enjoyed the classes and they were very effective at losing that baby weight. There was a Whatsapp group that we all could talk in and make suggestions in which was great as we all had the same goal pretty much. I would highly recommend crèche fit."

Hannah & Baby Oscar

"Creche Fit is a brilliant workout group for mum and baby/toddler. Really nice spaces, good equipment and friendly instructors. Suitable for any fitness and all exercises can be modified to be made easier or harder, as needed."


"I didn’t know about crèche fit until a friend introduced me to it and I enjoyed going to classes made new friends and it helps me to get back into shape and my son enjoy meeting others children his and he even at time join in the exercise routine which made me smile 😊. I would recommend crèche fit to other mums 💯👍👍👍👍👍"


"Fantastic, such a great idea. After having two children I wanted to tone up and get fit, but could never find a solution to the issue of not having any childcare....until now! This class ticks all the boxes, it's exercise for me, entertainment for my baby and excellent value."


"I really enjoyed going here after having my little one. Meeting new mummies, Being able to do something for yourself, and working on your body. Good trainers that check, and help you getting towards your goal."

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