Meet The Team


Our fabulous Crèche Fit instructors are at the heart of our business. All are qualified in Pre and Postnatal coaching and programming and fully understand first hand, the needs and constraints that come with being a new mum.

Always on hand to help, guide and support, our instructors understand that every mum is unique and will always ensure your training is relevant to your ability.

Find out more about the faces behind Crèche Fit......

Our Trainers: Louise Wilcockson - Owner & Founder

Louise is the founder of Crèche Fit. She has a passion for helping women become fitter and stronger both physically and mentally and specialises in Pre & Postnatal exercise, fat loss and body conditioning.


Louise works with many new mums and mums-to-be on a one to one basis, offering fitness and nutritional advice and guidance. After falling pregnant with her first baby (Joshua) born in October 2016, she soon realised there was very little available to new mums fitness-wise in her local area that didn't involve the need for expensive childcare. As a result, Crèche Fit quickly became established and launched in Summer 2016 and was full from the outset.

Our Trainers: Dionne Thurland - Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer

January 01, 2020

Dionne is passionate about exercise and loves a challenge (and a medal). Keen to keep things interesting, Dionne participates in a wide variety of sports and fitness activities including boxing, Crossfit and tennis.  During the Winter months she competes in netball, having played at County and regional level.  In the summer she can be found running assault course races, half marathons, triathlons and combining her other love of travel, hiking historical sights like Machu Picchu.      


In order to inspire others, Dionne qualified in 2008 which enabled her to teach exercise classes.  Having recently gone through the pregnancy/postnatal process and the challenges that go with recovering and maintaining fitness with a young baby, Dionne now faces her newest challenge and hopes that she can help other mums with their personal fitness goals as she continues to strive towards her own.

Our Trainers: Caroline Norris - Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer

January 01, 2020

I’m 37, I have two little girls age 2 and 3 years! With two very different births, I can relate to other mums who may not have had a straightforward birth and a c-section. Having little ones, especially so close in age keeps me very busy and it’s a daily juggling act to keep everything working but I wouldn’t have it any other way, (well I would like more sleep!)


I am a qualified paediatric nurse with 13 years experience and still practising. I qualified as a PT whilst pregnant with my second child, in 2017. I wanted to do something that didn’t have the pressures that the NHS brings and to do something I enjoyed doing myself and to help others find a love for it as well. I want to support mums to be and new mums to stay healthy and fit.

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