Crèche Fit Feel Great In 8

8 Week Fitness & Nutrition Programme For Postnatal Mums

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The Online 8 Week Feel Great In 8 Postnatal Fitness & Wellness Programme


How Will The Feel Great In 8 Benefit You?

💠 It encompasses the 3 pillars of mummy well-being – fitness, food and friendship – that you've learnt so far on this challenge and combines progressive fitness programmes and nutritional guidance to support you both physically and emotionally along every step of your postnatal journey.

💠 It will teach you how to easily find that precious time you need to prioritise your well-being without feeling guilty

💠 It allows us to focus on your overall health and well-being - so that you can focus on yourself and the rest of your family. 

💠 It will provide you with a valuable ongoing support network of other like-minded mums 

💠 Help you understand the fundamental do’s and don’ts of safe exercise in the postpartum period and ensure it’s time-efficient, effective and fun

💠 It will kick-start lifelong habits to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals in a safe and sustainable way, meaning you strike that all-important balance between adopting a healthy lifestyle and parenting.

💠 It will show you how to set realistic personal health & fitness goals, teach you how to be accountable to them in 3 simple steps and support you to succeed in achieving them

💠 It'll give you increased energy and strength (both mentally and physically), boost your mood and self esteem and teach you how to make better lifestyle choices for the whole family, resulting in a healthier and happier you (and baby!).

💠 It will help you overcome any emotional and physical barriers to food and exercise and teach you how to fix a range of common postnatal problems such as Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor

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The Feel Great In 8 Concept

Feel Great in 8 is an 8-week progressive group fitness and nutrition programme for postnatal mums.

Combining everything our Crèche Fit Unlimited package offers, PLUS full nutritional guidance and round-the-clock access to 3 pre- and postnatal personal trainers, this online programme is ideal if you’re looking for more than just an exercise class and need some extra accountability and support.

You need to be 6+ weeks postnatal (vaginal birth) or 12+ weeks post c-section and have had your 6 week GP sign off to participate.

So whether you're looking to lose some baby weight, tone up, or generally feel better about yourself, Feel Great in 8 is perfect for you.

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The Feel Great In 8 Package

  • Inclusive access to the Crèche Fit Unlimited group

  • Access to live and on-demand Crèche Fit exercise classes via Zoom

  • Weekly modules in bite-sized chunks to suit busy mum-life

  • Starting & finishing stats and personal goal reviews

  • Effective Core Restore home programme & video tutorial to help reconnect with your core, fix diastasis recti (separation of the stomach muscles) and  strengthen your pelvic floor

  • Informative videos on nutrition and exercise to give you the confidence to make better lifestyle choices

  • Bonus mini home workouts & fun fitness challenges

  • Private Facebook group for complete support from 3 Pre & Postnatal coaches as well as other mummies to help keep you on track and meet your personal goals

  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&A's and interactions with our mummy community

  • Prizes for the 'Biggest Achiever'!

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The Feel Great In 8 Cost & Booking

Enjoy 8 weeks of Feel Great In 8 for just £129. Just click the  Book Now  button to register!