The Crèche Fit Postnatal 8 Week Postnatal Programme

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Feel Great In 8 Participant

Sarah B

"I signed up to the 'Feel Great in 8' programme which really helped me get back into exercise after giving birth. The handbook and support that came with the programme were fantastic and through a combination of attending the class once a week and cutting out carbs in the evenings, I lost nearly a stone in that 8 weeks!"

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Feel Great In 8 Participant


"Crèche fit is amazing! I did the 8 week programme with Louise. She was fantastic and so encouraging. I really enjoyed the (live) classes and they were very effective at losing that baby weight. There was a private group that we all could talk in and make suggestions in which was great as we all had the same goal pretty much. I would highly recommend Crèche Fit."

Feel Great In 8 - The Concept
Postnatal Fitness & Weight Loss 8 Week Programme

Feel Great In 8 is a complete 8-week postnatal programme that’s been developed specifically for mums who want to feel happy, confident and like ‘them’ again post-baby. 

Encompassing the 3 pillars of mummy wellbeing – fitness, food and friendship – Feel Great In 8 combines fitness and food guidance with accountability & encouragement to support you both physically and emotionally along every step of your postnatal journey.

We focus on your overall health and wellbeing - so that you can focus on yourself and the rest of your family.     

As mums ourselves, we understand that becoming a parent can suddenly make regular exercise and healthy eating habits seem like a thing of the past. 

Life as a mum is all-consuming and it’s very easy to let ourselves drop down that never-ending list of priorities. 

This is why we’ve created the Feel Great In 8 programme. We want to show you that it’s still possible to feel and look amazing even with a little one who takes up all your time.  

Whether you're looking to lose the baby weight, tone up, or generally feel better about yourself, this 8-week postnatal programme will give you the support you need to get there.

Feel Great In 8 will kick-start new healthier habits to help you achieve your personal health & fitness goals in a sustainable way so you can strike that all-important balance between adopting a healthy lifestyle and parenting.

You’ll have more energy to keep up with the kids, feel fitter and stronger and more confident in your body, resulting in a healthier and happier you (and baby!).

And you’ll be supported every step of the way by our team of pre- and postnatal personal trainers.

What’s more, you’ll be part of a growing community of other like-minded mums who are all navigating the waters of motherhood together.

Feel Great In 8 - The Benefits
What Will You Get From Our Programme?

In just 8 weeks, Feel Great In 8 will:


  • Help you prioritise your wellbeing without feeling that dreaded ‘mum guilt’

  • Help you understand the do’s and don’ts of exercise in the postpartum period and show you how to fit movement in around being an awesome mummy

  • Allow you to set and achieve realistic personal health & fitness goals so you can start to feel like ‘you’ again

  • Give you the confidence to make better choices when it comes to food, without dieting or cutting out the foods you love 

  • Boost your mood and self-esteem, increase your energy levels and help curb those dreaded sugar cravings! 

  • Increase both your mental & physical strength so that you’re better able to deal with the challenges that come with being a parent

  • Provide you with a valuable ongoing support network of other like-minded mums and 3 postnatal Personal Trainers


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Feel Great In 8 - The Package
What Does Our Programme Include?

Our complete programme costs just £99 and includes:

  • Starting & finishing body composition measurements

  • 8 weeks of inclusive Crèche Fit classes (worth £160!)

  • Effective Core Restore home programme

  • Personal goal setting & review

  • Food & portion guidance

  • Family friendly recipes

  • Time-saving home workouts

  • Outside support from 3 Personal Trainers as well as other mummies on the programme

  • Access to a private 'Feel Great in 8' WhatsApp group for regular support and accountability

  • A private Facebook group for interaction with other mummies and your supportive coaches

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