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The 4th Trimester Transformation Challenge!

FREE 5 Day Challenge Reveals How Busy Mums Can Feel Fitter, Healthier And Happier By Learning The 3 Pillars Of Mummy Well-being: Fitness, Food & Friendship

Join my FREE 5 Day Challenge and learn the fundamental baby-steps needed to claim back your health, fitness and well-being without neglecting your family's.

Challenge starts on Monday 25th May 2020 and registration closes in


IMPORTANT: On the challenge start date, you must have had your 6 week GP sign off and be at least 6 weeks postpartum (12 weeks post c-section) to participate.

Beth Louise Mongan-Barker
Beth Louise Mongan-Barker

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Katy Nunwick
Katy Nunwick

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Hannah Cockman
Hannah Cockman

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Over the course of the 5 days, learn the fundamental steps to:

💠 Prioritising your well-being without neglecting your family’s

💠 Being accountable to your post-baby goals and succeeding in achieving them

💠 Significantly boosting your self-esteem and body confidence in as little as 10 minutes a day

💠 Understanding the do’s and don’ts of exercise in the postpartum period and ensuring it’s time-efficient, effective and fun

💠 Making informed choices with ease when it comes to nutrition and diet to improve your health, boost mood and increase energy levels

💠 Feeling stronger both mentally and physically to easily deal with the challenges that come with being a parent

💠 Building new life-long friendships and a valuable support network with other like-minded parents and be reminded that you're NOT ALONE

⏲️ Each task will take no longer than 10 to 30 minutes to complete and I will personally be on hand to answer any questions you have. 

Louise x

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Emma Cussack

"After a period of low motivation I think this has helped me feel like my post baby goals are more achievable so I think I'll be more committed and I feel that I now have more information on how to reach those goals. I know the progress will be slow but to take the small victories when they happen."

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Sophie Thompson

"My 5 day goal was to learn how to safely get back into exercise (pick up specific exercises if possible) and how to plan a routine for exercise and eating well.


I think I’ve 100% achieved this goal because of the excellent information and teachings from Louise!


I feel like I’ve learned so much and can now build on these basics to progress with my post baby body so thanks Crèche Fit!"

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Harriet Paynter

"I feel I have achieved my goals for the week but next week I want to be better at planning meals and snacks. I’ve enjoyed the workouts and I am proud of myself for completing them every day.

I feel more committed to reaching my goals and they also seem more achievable! Thanks Crèche fit for all your help xxx"

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Hannah Gilmore

"The best week to get the kickstart to a healthier lifestyle after baby!


Each challenge was so well thought out and each exercise was so well explained.


Everyone in the group was so supportive and an inspiration. Louise's story was also an inspiration and her positivity was so contagious!


Definitely recommend this 5 day challenge to any mum wishing to get back into fitness, health and mindfulness!"

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Nicola Thrower

"This has been such a good 5 days to kick-start the post baby road to fitness and well-being.


I have learnt how to find 20 minutes in my day to exercise, focusing on restoring my core...who knew separation of the muscles was a thing...they don’t tell you about this but so important!


The group itself encouraged me to keep going and the post challenge groups will keep me going forward. Thank you so much."


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Katie Flames

"My boy is only 11wo so I'm fairly new to motherhood and what that entails both for my time and my body. I'll get there and Louise has given us great tips and guidance to be able to do that."

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