Crèche Fit From Home Virtual Classes Now Live!

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Welcome to Crèche Fit! Offering a holistic approach to postnatal fitness and recovery through mum and baby exercise classes, virtual classes and progressive postnatal fitness & nutrition programmes. Our programmes are designed specifically for busy mums who want to improve their health and well-being without the need for childcare. We are here to guide you through the postpartum journey both physically and emotionally.

Offering both virtual and physical fitness classes (physical classes currently closed due to COVID-19) in a fun and safe environment for you and your child, our workouts are a great way to get fit and toned after baby, re-build that all important core strength and pelvic floor, focus on personal goals and create a social network with other like-minded mums - all while your child is with you. 

Crèche Fit is unique and offers more than just a 'bring-along-baby' fitness class. We provide a complete postnatal fitness programme both online and offline, focusing on overall health and well-being in the postpartum period whilst remaining sympathetic to the limitations and hurdles new mums face. We provide you with time-saving guidance and advice on diet and exercise, allowing you to focus on that all important job called motherhood. 

Available to mums throughout the UK, we run all year and during half terms (we only close for two weeks over Christmas and one week in August), offer flexible classes and programme options and don't insist on lengthy contracts or tie ins. You never know what life is going to throw at you!

Take a look at our virtual classes, physical classes and 8 week programme pages to find out more and chose the option best suited to you.